What Makes us the best?
Access Digital Strategies puts more of an emphasis on content production and creation than any other digital firm.
Unlike the terrestrial ad buying market place, the digital scope is based on a second to second bidding process. There is no such thing as guaranteed ad placement for any specific budget. Instead, placement and audience frequency is based on content relevancy. There is a saying in digital media that content is king, and this statement could not be more valid. This is the reason why Access Digital Strategies puts the bulk of it’s emphasis on content.

Voters Reached

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State of the art in-house data analysis ensures that money you spend on digital makes a tangible difference in the minds of voters.

The data analysis function within Access allows our team to provide you with high impact targets, hot button issues, the best and worst performing ads, audience reach, ad frequency levels and and much more.

Access Digital Strategies best practices guides each client to a winning digital strategy. Our strategy and development coupled with the ever important content production helps us stretch the campaign’s digital advertising dollar as far as it can possibly go.

Access consistently reaches the biggest audience on the smallest budget while ensuring that only the most relevant content continues to deliver results.


A functional website has several front end and back end components that are key to developing a strong digital front. Access will work with the campaign to establish the necessary front end data entry points to maintain audience retention as well as the back end digital re targeting and pixel analytics forms.

“No other digital firm will reach the amount of voters for your budget. We’re simply the best.”

-Joe Taeleifi


Going into digital media without a well established plan is a fool’s errand. Together with the campaign, Access will set up a plan that will be guaranteed to beat the competition.

Let’s make something together

If you want to WIN on the digital media front, we’re the firm you’re looking for.